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Fun and Games

  • Skrablo - Play scrabble online in Esperanto! This beautiful website allows you to play scrabble with other Esperanto-speakers from around the world.

  • Volapüg'! - No, not a Volapük website. This is a brand new online humor and comics magazine. It's the Mad Magazine of the Esperanto community! Even Zamenhof gets parodied! (Warning: With a name like "Vola Pug'", it's not for the prudish.)

  • The Games page at the Esperanto portal Ĝangalo currently has 11 games translated into Esperanto and playable online, like Poker, Checkers, Battleship, etc.

  • Freeciv - This free Linux version of the popular computer game Civilization is being translated to Esperanto by an USEJ member. Soon you will be able to play Zamenhof of the Esperantistoj and conquer the world!

  • Games in Esperanto - Small, simple games of all kinds translated into Esperanto.

  • For more games, visit the Esperanto games page from the DMOZ directory.

  • Lernu je Esperant'! Esperant' is a hilarious style for speaking Esperanto, invented at a youth gathering in Germany in 1999. It is totally grammatical, but totally weird. Check it out!

  • The Virtual Esperanto Library has this old page of links on Esperanto Music. Since it is a little out-of-date, you might want to also check out the Esperanto music sections of the DMOZ directory or Esperanto Panorama.

The following puzzles and comics are from our old website. They are very old, but we didn't have the heart to throw them out. So here they are for your curiosity:


Comic Strips by Matthew Horton

Other fun web pages