All-California Esperanto Conference in 2005 [TKEK-2005]

February 25-27, 2005

(Friday evening through Sunday noon)

in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, USA

At "The Sandman Inn"
3714 State Street
Phone: (805) 687-2468

Conference Theme: HARMONY

For information and application, contact Dorothy Holland
Phone: (805) 967-5241
E-mail: <>

Program Application Room Reservation Form

En Esperanto

CONFERENCE UPDATE ― 27 January 2005

• Hotel reservation deadline was January 25 ― one month in advance of the conference. If you missed it and still want to come, we might work something out.*
• Auction items
On Saturday evening we will have an auction, presided over by veteran auctioneer Bill Harmon. Proceeds will go to pay for extra help at the ELNA Central Office. We need your contributions ― Esperanto books, pins, CDs, etc. plus anything an Esperantist would enjoy using.
• Program presentations*
We still have room for several more 45-minute presentations Saturday*,
• Entertainment Saturday evening
After the auction, we welcome your skits and musical presentations (voice, instrument, dance)*
• Computer presentation Sunday morning*
• Your requests for Book-Service items
Is there a book, Esperanto T-shirt, pin, dictionary, bumper sticker or novel you would like to look at before deciding whether to buy it? Let us know, and we’ll ask ELNA’s Director Joel Brozovsky to include it in the Book Service for viewing during the Conference breaks.*

*Communicate your proposals to Dorothy Holland
phone 805-967-5241; e-mail ) Thanks!