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Directions for finding the Class

Directions are difficult in general at Stanford. These maps may help. If you don't know the campus well (there are lots of roads where “you can't get there from here”) then the best thing to do is to get to Stanford itself and then ask how to park at Tressider, the Student Union Building. The International Center shares the same parking lot. Once you park just ask again, you're really close.

Note that although there are all kinds of parking zones and meters on campus, they almost all expire at 4pm. Unless you are arriving earlier than that, you will actually be able to find a spot (except maybe when there's a concert or meeting at the Alumni Club next door... but keep wandering, there's always something somewhere).


For the following 2 maps, please notice that North is up and the International Center is in the triangle to the right of the lake at the bottom of the map.

  1. Stanford campus: Small map (112k)
  2. Stanford campus: Large map (824k)

Be careful and notice that North is pointing down on this map of Stanford and vicinity (45k), and that the International Center is near where the big red “S” in “Stanford” is.

Here's a Google Map with the 'Bechtel International Center' in the middle. Perhaps you can use this to get directions. Please let me know if this link is helpful - i find it to be annoying, because it moves the end point to somewhere other than the International Center.

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