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Lesson Zero - A few final items

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Lesson Zero - A few final items

  1. Endings on things and descriptions of those things match, but never with actions or descriptions of those actions.
    birdo flugas a bird is flying
    bela birdo flugas a beautiful bird is flying
    birdoj flugas birds are flying
    belaj birdoj flugas beautiful birds are flying
    Mi amas belajn birdojn. I love beautiful birds.

  2. The definite article, "the", is la.
    ___Birdo flugas. A bird flies.
    La birdo flugas. The bird flies.
    ___Birdoj flugas. ___ Birds fly.
    La birdoj flugas. The birds fly.

  3. Ĉu [Cxu]? - Begins a yes/no question.
    Ĉu [Cxu] birdoj flugas? (Do) birds fly?

  4. Posessive pronouns:
    Mia birdo flugos. My bird will fly.
    Mia nomo estas Trio. My name is Trio.
    Via nomo estas ... Your name is ...

  5. Yes and no
    jes yes
    ne no

There is a "Handy-Dandy" one page (2 sided) pdf cheatsheet available, provided by

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That's it! You're done with my “patented” Lesson Zero. Once you have memorized everything in this lesson... you will have learned the equivalent of most of the first year of most easy national/ethnic languages! (2 or 3 years of a really “foreign” language.)
Now, tell me how it was...

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