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My feeling is that if you don't stimulate the brain cells related to the topic under study, every single day, you will get further and further behind. Studies have shown this to be true for any topic, not just a language. So, to keep up, you must incorporate some Esperanto into your life every day.

Being realistic, i don't expect anyone to actually do this each and every day including weekends, holidays and sick days for the entire year. But, essentially, if i start getting 7 days worth of words in an e-mail just before class, then you are not only not doing the letter, but also not the spirit of the assignment.

Some easy ways to incorporate Esperanto into your life every day: count your physical exercises in Esperanto; label things in your house with the Esperanto name; of course, read a journal or the 'net; correspond on the 'net; listen to Esperanto CD's; meet with other Esperantists for lunch or dinner or parties or conventions, etc.; invite foreigners who speak Esperanto to visit your place for 2 days; use Skype to call anywhere in the world via the 'net with an Esperantist correspondent; etc., etc., etc.

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