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Other courses available

What if you can't, or don't want to, come to classes? Then check out these alternatives. I am listing online resources which should make taking either my course, or solo study much easier.

Free Online Courses

Free Postal Mail Courses

FREE postal course from Esperanto-USA - They list lots of other ways to learn and sell textbooks as well as dictionaries, works of fiction, CDs, buttons, etc.

Other dictionaries

Please NOTE: Unfortunately, the BUTLER dictionary is out of print! There are many different dictionaries available from the Esperanto-USA bookservice. But if you want to start with something online, then use REVO. It's the best of the online dictionaries by far, despite the very confusing way that it presents the information. Others use the dictionary on the Lernu.Net website, marked "vortaro" on the right hand side of the main page.

Online generally

As of this writing, 2010 sep 5, Google lists more than 50 million pages with the search term "esperanto". Frankly, a lot of it is junk. Unfortunately, until you learn how to find worthwhile sites, you may wind up at sites with bad usage, more questions than answers or just plain dead-ends.

So, i recommend starting from sites that are of high quality and hope you don't get too lost in the wilds of cyberspace.

Some of my starting places



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