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Yes, i'm sorry, but it's going to cost some money to learn and use Esperanto.
OR... perhaps not...

The Assignments

  1. First quarter: We use one textbook (for lessons and readings) and you have a choice of dictionaries. In addition i'd like everyone to have a journal for writing daily notes/sentences/homework. You can use one or more notebooks of your own choosing for this.
    OR... You could borrow the textbook from the library, use on-line dictionaries and keep a blog or other 'net journal. In any case i'd like you to e-mail me your homework.
  2. Second quarter: There will also be the cost of subscribing to an international journal of some kind. I'll have a list of available journals at the class.
    OR... You can read online blogs and magazines that are freely available.
  3. Third quarter: By this time, i hope you'll take on the responsibility of corresponding with someone somewhere else in the world. Letters are more than $1 each now, so this can add up depending on how much you write.
    OR... You can make this cheaper by only corresponding via e-mail, but then there's a lot more correspondence itself, and, of course, your choice of correspondent will be filtered by circumstances (the most obvious being, who, in the world, can afford a computer).

The Books

The following descriptions are from the Esperanto-USA catalog where all books are available. If you want to help, please ask your local bookstores for copies of these books. But, if you can't find them at bookstores, then i will bring copies of all these books to the first class for you to purchase. If you want one of them after the first class, then e-mail me and i will bring a copy for you.

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