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What is Esperanto? - Esperanto is a language that was created for people communicating with other people who speak different native languages. It is politically neutral, saves money, international, fun and easy to learn.

Why use Esperanto? - Esperanto is used by millions of people to make friends, learn about other cultures and travel. It can also be used in business to save translation costs, get the latest International News and learn International trends. Esperanto solves international communications problems.

How can i learn Esperanto? - There are 'net courses, postal courses, text-books and schools that teach it. See the list below.

Where is Esperanto used? - The International Language is used by a few million people worldwide with some people in almost every country of the world.

This is the English language page of Esperanto.Org. The following is a short list of links to information about Esperanto in English.

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